F.o.S News

October -November 2014

Glam Dogs Sells Friends of Sindhbad Dog Jumpers!

Following their kind donation of display space at their grooming parlour, Glam Dogs have sold three of our hand-knitted dog jumpers! Raising £105 which has been donated to: The ASHA Foundation, Soi Dog and Four Paws International!  Icing on the cake being the Big Christmas Give challenge which saw our donation doubled!

A huge thank you to Kelly and Celine of Glam Dogs – your kindness and support towards F.O.S and all the animal charities we raise funds for, is truly amazing and by giving us this platform to raise funds on a regular basis hugely increases the help we can give charities.

Kniterati and other news

September 2014

Kniterati and other news

Friends of Sindhbad continues its monthly knitting group, 'The Kniterati'. The group meets in Islington on the second Monday of each month with our members knitting and crocheting both personal projects and F.O.S items. Email kniterati@friends-of-sindhbad.org for further information or to join.


A special thank you to Zohra for your lovely Tea Cosy! Which will make a really great prize during the Christmas season, we look forward to more of your yarn wonders!

A really special thank you also to Maija for ALL you help throughout the F.O.S endevours and especially for your amazing wizardry on all things yarn – you're a genius woman!

Friends of Sindhbad Visits the ASHA Foundation

March 2014

Friends of Sindhbad Visits the ASHA Foundation

We were very lucky to have a F.O.S volunteer visit one of the charities we raise funds for- all the way in India!

Gee who has been a supporter of F.O.S from the start of the initiative, kindly took time out of his holiday in March of this year, to meet with Mr Harmesh Bhatt, Founder of  The ASHA Foundation, and his super-team to see first hand the great work they do everyday, and to hand deliver a donation.

Thanks Gee!